Buying Land

Learn the fundamentals of buying new tiles in Earth2.

About this course

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects related to purchasing tiles on the Earth2 map. It covers the process of acquiring tiles, including steps on how to make a purchase and the utilization of discount codes for some savings. The guide also emphasizes the importance of understanding geolocation purchases, encouraging users to think strategically about their acquisitions.

Additionally, it offers guidance on locating specific areas on Google Maps before making a purchase and suggests planning purchases in alignment with individual goals for a more purposeful approach. Overall, this summary highlights the multifaceted nature of the guide, addressing practical steps, strategic considerations, and goal-oriented planning in the context of Earth2 tile purchases.

What you’ll learn

  • check How to purchase tiles on the map
  • check How to use a discount code
  • check Understanding geolocation purchases and think ahead
  • check Find a location you found on Google Map
  • check Plan your purchase for your goals


Learn how to play Earth2 the Metaverse as a Massive-Open-Seamless-World - participate in the Player-to-Players land traded in the marketplace. We will teach you all the secrets of becoming an EcoSim player - taught by long term E2 players.

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