Purchasing Tiles

In this lesson, we will purchase some tiles on the Earth2 map.

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Selecting tiles

We should select some tiles and see how much it will cost.


Purchase some tiles

We can see total price and price per tile for a T2 property. Nine tiles is quite good for building something decent. We think each will be able to support factories and player housing. Each tile is between 10mx10mx10m to 18.9mx18.9mx18.9m - which is about a car or small house, etc. You will be able to build one tile buildings later.


Click Buy T2

Click on Buy T2 land - since we cannot buy T1 land anymore - also T3 land is available only when a country as been voted by the players to be released. We can see Description, Location, Land Tier, number of tiles, referral Code, and total USD price to pay.


Discounts are important

As you can see the original price of nine tiles is E$2.34 - this is the price of you would pay without discount code. Let's use "foxxocii" since I cannot use my own code "e2japan" which gives back 7.5% off the price. Now the price is E$2.16 - the discount is E$0.18 which will be given to your account and the code owner. This discount is only available for buying new tiles.

Congratulations! you just bought your first land on Earth2.

We also check right away how much discount E$ we got into our account. Instantly! Good deal.


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