Geolocation Strategy

In this lesson, we will discuss the strategy of using Google Map for research.

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Research a stadium to buy in Earth2

We should go to Google Map first and let's search for a stadium in Germany and see if it is taken.

Copy the name "Max-Morlock-Stadion" and paste it in the search box in Earth2 then push enter. The map should move to the location and you should see the grid.

It seems to be taken, but building nearby the attraction should be good as well - even four tiles is a good size lot to be able to build something decent.

You can select the property to check what resources might be there and to get to know your fellow players name so that you might make a deal with them later.


Research a resort to buy in Earth2

To find a resort, we should try to find some exotic location. Search "resort hotel" and slide the slider for price to be the most expensive. This will ensure a good client later if the business would like to purchase or rent the tiles later from you.

Copy the name of the business and let's try it in Earth2. It did not work so there is a reason we switched to satellite view to track down our hotel. Zoom-in and zoom-out until you find the matching location.


Research a mega mall to buy in Earth2

We should look at a malls - search up in Google Map - "mall in helsinki".

Go to Earth2 and navigate to "helsinki" and when you get close enough - click the grid icon on the far right bottom of the map—this will zoom in to see the grids and see if tiles have been bought.

It seems that every tile has been bought—now you have to find another location—keep at it and happy hunting. Not every search will have a positive result.


Research a scenic view to buy in Earth2

Let's find a nice elevated view over a lake—Switzerland it is. We should try to copy the address of the place "Unnamed Road,1856, 1856 Corbeyrier, Switzerland".

In Earth2 we can also search the full address—at least it will try to find the nearest match.

Switch the map to 3D to see the elevation of the area and spot a nice flat area perched in top to buy some tiles.

Switch the map back to satellite and get closer to the area you want.


Research a business to buy in Earth2

We shall go to Canada in search of a business - canada museum - lets go navigate.

It is taken by someone - but we can look around and see that another interesting building in yellow - a college.


Research an island to buy in Earth2

Islands are very sought after in Earth2, but quite expensive to acquire since they cover a lot of tiles. I found something nice in the Philippines. Click on the map in Google Map to add pin and then copy the coordinates. (ie: 11.642562, 124.883002)

The island is nice—and do not forget to view the island in all 3 views (map, Satellite, and 3D).


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