Tier 3 Territories Voting

In this lesson, we will learn voting for opening T3 land in Earth2.

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Why vote?

Regions in Earth2 can get released by voting—only players can unlock regions—it is our version of the DAO.

By voting, you can then buy T3 land in that region after the counter runs out. Then later, you can still purchase each tile for that tier 3 or tier 2. The price of the tile is decided by the number of tile purchases in that region by other players. After the region opens each tile can be purchased starting at E$0.10


Voting for T3

To vote we can use; your T1 tiles in that country which has a bigger influence; your T2 tiles in that country with slightly less influence; and Essence which we do not recommend since that Essence will be locked for a long time until it is unlocked.

Let's vote for Hiroshima in Japan and add some T1 and T2 tiles to contribute to the voting session. Remember to select a time for release.


Verify your voting

Let's verify how many tiles total we dedicated to that region to be unlocked. Search for "japan"; toggle to "Country"; toggle to show "My Votes"; toggle to Quantity and check Filter by "Voted by you".

Click the button "VOTE" so that we can check the position and how many more votes we need to make it to position #1. We are position #114 and we need about 93,025 more votes. We know that it takes 10 T1 per votes OR 5 T2 per votes—hence 9,303 T1 tiles more or 18,605 T2 tiles.


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