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In this lesson, we will learn about land EPLs in Earth2.

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Buying an EPL

An Earth2® Property Locator (EPL) is a feature to customize a property url instead of using the land ID. For example a normal url looks like this - - by using an EPL you shorten a link to your land. There are a few requirements for making an EPL - the land has to be T1 and the number of tiles will allow you to get shorter EPLs. You can create an EPL with a minimum seven characters—alphanumeric with a maximum of 36 characters.

EPLs offers players an instant connection to properties and experiences, and we envisage the popularity and desirability of EPLs to increase as our platform continues to expand. You can purchase one with E$4.95 or use 400 Essence.

EPLs are unique, only one can exist. When an EPL has been assigned, you will be able to use or


Selling EPL

When you sell a property - Tiles, CyDroids, Civilians and EPLs will be transferred to the buyer. It is a good idea to add epl name into the description of the property so people can find it in the marketplace. People usuallu add EPL in the description


Renaming EPL

You can rename any EPL you own. It will cost you E$1.00 or 80 Essence.


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