Raiding your first Property

In this lesson, we will sort and raid our first target after surveying.

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Sorting raiding properties

Sort the list by Distance—we do this so that it will reduce the travel time for the CyDroid.


Select your first target

Now that we have sorted the list by distance - we can click on the property and click the green target icon to focus the map on the property. We can verify the property - T1, and no minimum Essence presents. We should skip it the property for now.


Next target

We can select the next property with a few more tiles. We see that this property has 50 tiles, T1, with minimum Essence of 210.91—that are good for us. We should add it to our favorite and keep on going. But it is a good idea to test every property because even properties without Essence locked inside can be raided and get some E-Ther from them. It is usually much less since E-Ther have to accumulate over time without being claimed by the player we target.


Now we Raid

Great job - you have finally probed all the properties we want to raid—let's raid the first one.


Raid ON

We started the raid process now the CyDroid will need to travel there and scan and return home for us to dispense later.



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