Learn about Raid Commander AutoRaid

In this lesson, we will learn about autoraiding from our Raid Commander.

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Our Civilians in Earth2

For our raiding course we will focus on our three civilians used:

Cydroid Technician is used to recharge all your CyDroids keeping them at 100% charged for raiding and prospecting. It cost 25 E-Ther and will need 4 Red Energy weekly.

E-ther Reckoner is used to auto-dispense our CyDroids after they return from raiding. It cost 25 E-Ther and will need 4 Red Energy weekly.

Raid Commander is used to launch all your CyDroids into raiding properties using AutoRaid ability. It cost 25 E-Ther and will need 4 Red Energy weekly.


My land setup

You can see my property where I have autoraiding switched on - I have 7 CyDroids setup for raiding and 3 CyDroids setup for prospecting my land for resources. I also have 4 Civilians.


Setup AutoRaid

To understand autoraid you need to have raided some properties first, mark them with a favorite icon and let your CyDroids hit all those properties automatically. Here is my list of recent properties I raided sending one CyDroid at the time and mark them each time.

Now let's look at my autoraid section, and it shows me all the properties I raided which was a success. The Raid Commander will this list for raiding every X minute.


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