Find Raiding Spot

In this lesson, we will look at how we can research raiding spots on the Earth2 map.

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Find E-Ther hotspot

We are going to search for a spot for our raiding—we need to find a location where there is a lot of activity from older accounts. We will use Heatmap and select "E-Ther". It will show dots which correspond to each property receiving E-Ther every 24 hours.


Zoom in to the map

We are going to zoom in into an area in the Netherlands. We know early players back in 2020 bought land in cities, mining corporations, monuments, and Megacities all around the world created by players.



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Learn how to play Earth2 the Metaverse as a Massive-Open-Seamless-World - participate in the Player-to-Players land traded in the marketplace. We will teach you all the secrets of becoming an EcoSim player - taught by long term E2 players.

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