Buying Essence on Uniswap

In this lesson, we will learn about Buying Essence on Uniswap.

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Buying Essence

We are going to swap ETH for ESS with a 0.5% price slippage. Connect to Uniswap app first.

Select a token and enter the Essence token contract - "0x2c0687215aca7f5e2792d956e170325e92a02aca"

Verify information and click "I understand"

Let's put a buy for 500 Essence using our ETH.

Click on the gear icon and add slippage of 0.5%

Click Swap

Metamask will ask you to verify

It is now submitted

We can verify our transaction on Etherscan

We can verify our transaction also on our Metamask wallet

We can verify our transaction also on GeckoTerminal


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