Acquire a CyDroid

In this lesson, we will buy a CyDroid and attach it our property for raiding.

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Lonely land without a CyDroid

So we decided to use that spot—so I bought nine tiles T2 tiered, and now we see there is no CyDroid. We could build one which will take about 24 hours. You can reduce that build time by slotting Orange jewels.


Let's Buy a CyDroid

To purchase a CyDroid, we will go the marketplace; then Bazaar; then CyDroids. While I was selecting other properties I could see that Oil is present near. So we should buy a Prospector for Oil called Gileumbo. Type the property name and purchase. Even is our land does not have Oil - we can use our CyDroid to gather E-Ther and Oil from our targets.



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