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Echoing Metaverse - Earth 2 chronicles | Ep. 1

Source: Hosted by E2 Evolve - created by @ZaykoThePirate and @Sylvie


Account Types

Earth2 is a free-to-play platform where you can own land in a 1:1 clone of Earth. Build your own version of Earth in a pristine environment. Join about 600k registered players as of January 2024. There are few specific types of players:

Base Player: This type of player will be able to explore what other has built—you don't need to own anything in the Earth2 world. Enjoy exploring E2V1 and discover what Earth2 player has made on their properties in megacities. You can even get rewards by playing DRONE game and other via portals.

Landowner Player: For this player style - you will need to acquire land in spots you like. It is more a collector account. Value/Worth might not be your end goal at all - Earth2 has a lot of lands to discover, and top view map might not be the best way to acquire land for you. You will be able to buy land in E2V1 while exploring at your own pace.

EcoSim Player: This is the most rounded player type right now - understanding the relationship between every elements of Earth2 - knowing Essence utility, Eth-er generation, Jewels, CyDroids for raiding and prospecting, Civilians to automate some of tasks, maintaining an involvement with community and megacities, gathering resources plot and specializing areas, understand logistics of properties and range, create a network of properties or shipping routes, look ahead to create value and purpose for your properties, and start to stockpiling everything for a great start side by side with the more veteran players.

Creator Player: That type of player is heavily involved in crafting or building items in E2V1—you will need a good understanding of resources and building blocks. You can own some land and create relationships with other players which will be useful later trading or owning shops in affluent areas of the Earth2. As of today, you can create HoloBuildings and sell them since their utilities are around storage units per properties which will be important.


Checklist for new accounts

When you get your account with Earth2 - you might be lost a little. Here what you should expect:

  • Verify your account first by following Earth2 instructions via email.
  • Log in consequently for 7 days to unlock Mentars for your properties. You do not need to buy them.
  • Add 2FA security - Earth2 is using real cash—you need to be secure.
  • Verify your account with Jumio to enable you to sell on an Earth2 platform.
  • It is recommended to deposit money into Earth2 versus using debit cards and credit cards. It is more convenient and faster when purchasing land and items.
  • When the Earth2 Essence token is released, we will go other using wallets.


Tiles: You can buy new tiles (19.08m x 19.08m) from Earth2 and tiles from the marketplace from other players. There are Tier 1 (T1) tiles with better Jewels, EPL ready (custom URL ie: for properties), EDC (promised essence) and higher Eth-er/resources generation. Look for Class 1, 2, 3 to get rare location. Tier 2 (T2) land as well slightly cheaper price per tile and great for raiding location. And finally Tier 3 (T3) tiles starting at E$0.10 when a region has been voted by the players for purchase. Each Tier land have benefits which should correspond to your goals in Earth2.

Jewels: When you own land in Earth2 - you will generate Jewels and E-ther which in turn can be converted into Essence. T1 land will get the best return for Jewels and E-Ther as long as you slot the property with Jewels to get 100% detection from Mentars. You can purchase Jewels from the Bazaar. You can also combine three of the kind to create more powerful Jewels and improve them further with shards and Essence.

Holobuildings: Properties need Holobuilding to extend storage for resources and building allocation on the land. It is important to have a few added to your key properties. The storage is measured in meter square. Earth2 did say that properties should have around 1,000 m3. But it is optional until we know how much a property generates in resources.

CyDroids: CyDroids can be built on a property of 4 tiles minimum. Those CyDroids can be purchased in the Bazaar from players. CyDroids can be used for raiding player's property near you to capture ETh-er not being pick up by other players. It is important to log in daily so that you don't get raided. CyDroids can also detect and gather resources.

Civilians: Civilians can be added to properties using Eth-er. Those Civilians will help you into raiding automation - like recharging CyDroids, empty each CyDroids upon returns and allow launching raiding to properties you raided in the past. Raiding gather red energy to feed your Civilians weekly. We do know that red energy will be useful for other needs so gathering it can be good in general. Also Civilians can gain experience and be more valuable over time. You can buy them for about E$0.10 each.

Skins: Avatars in Earth2 are using skins for clothing and full skins. You can purchase limited release in the stire and some will drop in E2V1 through gameplay. Even if you missed them when they were in the store - you can expect them to be sold later by other players. There are no benefits for equipping skins as of now.



Tiles: If you want to sell your properties—you can at the marketplace. Look for the minimum E$ per tile and post your land for sale. You might receive some bids so keep an eye for that option when selling in a hurry. Earth2 Players will look for lowers Tiers land, have EDC, have resources nearby, have CyDroids, have extra storage via Holobuildings, and have Civilians. You will need to add all those in the title of the land. Remember that Jewels slotted to a land will be sent back to your inventory when sold. Land for sale will keep making ETh-er and produce Jewels for you.

Jewels: Your properties will generate Common Jewels, so you can sell those each day. We see a good transaction flow for that item. People need Jewels for their land and CyDroids. Players also craft more powerful Jewels that can be sold for much more.

Holobuildings: HB can be created for free if you have the patience of using the editor which is a voxel type of making shapes. It is quite hard but good designs can be sold to other players. HB is only seen on Earth2 website. HB is providing storage to properties. You can sell blueprints which can be used indefinitely and holobuildings which can be placed once per land.

CyDroids: Currently we have 36 CyDroids that are used for raiding. We also know which CyDroids is going to be able to prospect resources. Resources can be obtained via Mentars and CyDroids. You will need to decide how to manage that aspect in your gameplay later. CyDroids have rarity as well—which will increase their value and drop rate. CyDroids have to be sold with a power cell of five Essence and charged at 100%. All Jewels attached to a CyDroid will be sent back to your inventory if sold.

Civilians: After generating Civilians with Eth-er - you will end up with one of the three races. You can then assign them tasks for raiding. It is mostly useful for owners of a lot of properties since civilians will automate some raiding tasks for you. You also sell Civilians—with higher experience and level for much more. As long as they have enough red energy up to 6 days.



Since Earth2 is not done yet, this section will evolve over time. I am sure Earth2 players have other strategies in their mind while using Earth2—do not hesitate to ask in Earth2 Discord what we think.

Short Term:

  • Buying / selling / flipping tiles for profit
  • Buy T3 land when the country open
  • Selling Jewels, CyDroids, Civilians for profit
  • Creating blueprints and holobuildings and sell them

Long Term:

  • Buy T1, T2 and T3 land to keep as the value increases over time
  • Improve Jewels quality and sell them for much bigger profit
  • Upgrade Civilians to level 7 which are worth a lot more
  • Raw land is just that - keep the land and build it - selling properties with buildings will a much bigger value
  • Buy land near megacities and work with others to increase its demand


Learn how to play Earth2 the Metaverse as a Massive-Open-Seamless-World - participate in the Player-to-Players land traded in the marketplace. We will teach you all the secrets of becoming an EcoSim player - taught by long term E2 players.

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