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Learn the fundamentals of selling your tiles in Earth2.

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Selling to players

In Earth2 you can sell your tiles and properties to other players. To price your tiles properly take into consideration that raw land can be sold with Holobuildings, Resources, Civilians and CyDroids. Jewels slotted into the property will be put back into your inventory. Also slotted CyDroids with Jewels will not transfer to the new owner of the land—all Jewels will go back to your inventory.

We advise that any sales needs to be on Earth2 websites and not dealt outside the platform. This is for your protection and Earth2 Support will be able to help you. Otherwise this is at your own risk.

It is important to know the value of your property before thinking of a price. Look at the marketplace and try to match location, country, land tier, resource's rarity and quality, and number of tiles.

You need to look at the profit you might be able to get out of that land in short terms.

Even if you want to sell - you got to package that land properly - it might be wise to wait until it is a good time to sell instead of taking a huge loss. Someone in Earth2 will see profit or purpose for any land—so it might not sell now but it might later when an area becomes more popular or when you be able to show the view inside E2V1. Think like a realtor.


Selling on the Marketplace

Find the cheapest land on Earth2. This will help you decide what is available on the market for T2 and T3 land tiers. You need more information about the market to sell your land to the lowest price per tile.

Let's try to sell our Japan tile and try to get the pricing right by looking in the right places.

Now we will see how the market is for that country and tile tier and class. We will try to match the lowest price to sell it quite fast to be on the first page of the marketplace. I selected the following "Property Value Low", "JAPAN", T1, C2. We could be first in the listing, but we would not get any profit. Selling raw land might not be the best options right now. The strategy into buying T1 properties would be to acquire more Essence via the EDC (promised Essence to drain slowly with T2 and T2 Jewels). T1 properties have a better rate of Jewel and E-THER generation rate than T2 tiles and you only get E-THER generated with T3 tiles.


Accepting Bids

You can receive bids on properties you own at any time. You will receive a notification in your message drop down, on the property itself and in the bidding page.

You can receive bids on properties you own at any time. You will receive a notification in your message drop down, on the property itself and in the Bidding Hub. You can "Accept", "Make Counter Offer", or "Cancel Bid".


Learn how to play Earth2 the Metaverse as a Massive-Open-Seamless-World - participate in the Player-to-Players land traded in the marketplace. We will teach you all the secrets of becoming an EcoSim player - taught by long term E2 players.

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